Isolation Indie Rock

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IntervaloLucido   commented 1mo+13dy ago

Yooo Ian. Hope you're doing good my friend. Here´s a mix of Isolation, with your amazing vocals. I´m not any good at the engineering department, so maybe someone else can do a better job :) If i may ask. When you mix your vocals to a track, do you use both the dry and wet stems? Is there only one option? Because using both... the dry and wet tracks toghether sounds pretty cool :)

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ipft   commented 1mo+13dy ago

Hey dude, yep not too bad thanks, hope you are doing OK too. When I track vocals for a complete (or mixed/mastered) instrumental track, I normally bring the gain down by about 10-12dB on the main mixdown to provide some headroom to get the voice in. Then I bounce down a full set of all the vocals together including panning/mixed levels/effects channels like reverb, delay, crispiness, phonebox, automation etc. This is what I label as the wet stem. You should be able to take the original mixdown, add the vocal stem, then fine tune the gain to balance the mix and get something close to the track I label vocal scratch. For a more engineered mix, then you can take the dry seps and mix to your own taste of where you want to go with the vocals - add effects, reverb, panning, volume, include/exclude etc. for each individual vocal track. So if you add both wet stem and dry seps you are effectively doubling all the vocals again which could cause phasing issues and prob not sound too good. That make sense? I would also normally hand everything over to a good engineer too as we can sometimes be close to a project and miss the finer tuning that a fresh set of ears and expertise can bring. People think its just pushing a few faders, but it's far from that!!