Stop It Now (working title) Pop

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- stoman
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Creative Brief

Some silly tinkering between two mixes.


Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
BMaj7/G | Fdim Bdim

Verses and Solo:
Am7 | Am7 | Am | F/A
Am7 | Am7 | Am | F/A

C F/C C | Bb | Bb C/Bb Bb | F
C F/C C | Bb | Bb C/Bb Bb | F
Bb6 Gm7 | F A7

Riff (Intro Reprise):
Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
Dm G    | Am Dm
BMaj7/G | Fdim Bdim

Last Chorus End:
Bb6 A | D


0:00 Start
0:02 Intro
0:27 Verse 1
0:42 Verse 2
0:56 Chorus
1:14 Verse 3
1:28 Chorus
1:47 Riff/Intro Reprise
1:57 Verse 4/Solo
2:26 Chorus

Additional Information

Genre Pop Key A minor BPM 133.0

Collaboration started May 2, 2020 by stoman
Last upload 2mo+13dy ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2020 by stoman, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on May 2, 2020

Copyright Sharing Statement:

stoman has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Based on a split sheet
Sound Recording: Based on a split sheet
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