Ledges (184) Synths & Axes Pop

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Mix Ledges (184) vocal tryout Uploaded 4mo+19dy ago by Lift

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Lift   commented 3mo+7dy ago

Reworked vocally: - re-sung the existing verses and sung the outstanding parts - changed the VOX effects for both main and second vocals - mixed with the bedtrack, full mix to be done once the vocals are finished @ John have a listen, I'll process any feedback in a next vocal version

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Lift   commented 12 days ago

@ John have a listen when you have the time, I've process any feedback in a next vocal time box

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Deeptrope   commented 12 days ago

2 pronunciation notes of interest. 1) V3, L4: instead of "bathing", which has a long "a" sound, by the way: how about "Bathe in pools of acid rain"? "Bathe" also has a long "a" sound(like "ate"), but the existing line throws off the meter with the extra syllable in "bathing". My bad. 2) OUTRO, L2: "precipice" is 3 syllables, (pronounced like: press'-i-piss')with a short "i" sound in the middle(like, "it"). Emphasis on the 1st and 3rd syllables.