Jungle Crossover Jazz

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Eyeshae Jungle bongos and drums idea Uploaded 13 days ago by bagpipe

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bagpipe   commented 14 days ago

This was the idea I was trying to describe. Bongos/Congos on the first part, then drums, then Bongos/Congos again. This doesnt have the scratching idea as I couldn't get it to sync correctly. We can include that part next if you like this arrangement.

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Eyeshae   commented 13 days ago

I love it. I can work on the scratching later on. It is haphazard like that. I am not clued on building music, but would that be too much to put the drums beneath the bongo/congos? i like it a lot


bagpipe   commented 13 days ago

I would go for it. I think it would sound good.