Planxty Irwin Celtic

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PlanxtyIrwinG OTW Mix 2 Uploaded 10mo+4dy ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 10mo+4dy ago

Here I took your guitar and dulcimer tracks and put them through Izotope Nectar for a little processing. It sweetened up the dulcimer a bit and smoothed out the bass parts of the guitar. I added a bouzouki and put in the low whistle panned opposite each other. I've sent up my sep files in case you want to play with them. For a sync I added in the first couple of bars from your guitar part.

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offthewall   commented 10mo+4dy ago

I purposely stuck close to the melody, with the zouki, to leave space for Ben with his harmonies.

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DulcimerGirl   commented 10mo+3dy ago

I just upgraded so will load my wav files. I like the mix ....