Catching Crawdads Traditional Folk

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clawhammer banjo backing Uploaded 11mo+13dy ago by SteveH20

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DulcimerGirl   commented 11mo+13dy ago

Love this ... I am just realizing that I need to add a sync tone to my files. Researching how to use ... when I get my new files uploaded I hope you will add this again with the tone. I downloaded your file but can't get it to sync with mine ... my bad.!


SteveH20   commented 11mo+13dy ago

Thanks! I'm new just trying to figure this out. I loaded your mix in audacity and added my track, then exported my track alone. I thought they would line up, but I didn't save the project. When I reloaded them together they didn't seem to line up for me either. I'm going to just re-record and upload the mix. I hope you don't mind.

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DulcimerGirl   commented 11mo+12dy ago

I uploaded a new mandolin track with the Sync tone added. I didn't realize how hard it would be so read the tutorial on the ST and they want you to add it to the beginning of the main track so things will line up!


SteveH20   commented 11mo+11dy ago

I downloaded the file but the track is clean till the mandolin starts. I'm sorry, I don't see the sync tone. Maybe I'm missing something?

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DulcimerGirl   commented 11mo+10dy ago

Ah, I had the volume down on Cakewalk .. I re did this and you should see the sync tone now. Just learning Kompoz ....


SteveH20   commented 11mo+9dy ago

OK, I tried to add the tone. I also uploaded a track I recorded with my fretless gourd banjo.