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Mixdown3 Uploaded 8mo+7dy ago by IntervaloLucido

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IntervaloLucido   commented 8mo+7dy ago

Hello Ian and Mario. I´ve uploaded two versions of the mix. The Mixdown 3 that includes all the Mario bass track. And in the version Mixdown 4 i left the bass synth i used on the first half, and the second half Mario´s bass line. Mario´s bass is by far more technical and melodic, but i feel the other boring version suits better the first half of the song. But i´m openned to your opinion guys. Cheers.

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MarioLicataBassist   commented 8mo+7dy ago

Alex, I listened to both versions and they sounded great. As far as I am concerned, it is your tune, so I would move in the direction that you feel best suits the song. The only option you could "test" would be having the first section include both bass parts, panning each part to a different side. I've done that before with a two bass player project I was working on, and it had pretty cool results. Other than that, I support whichever you think is best for the tune. Thanks again for letting me be part of this! Mario

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IntervaloLucido   commented 8mo+7dy ago

Heeey Mario. Sounds cool. Let me try that. Cheers

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ipft   commented 8mo+5dy ago

Hey guys - I prefer the simple things in life, so I'd vote for mixdown4. Mario's bass is prob a bit hot though and could do with compressing or at least gain staging to reduce the volume to start with.