The Forest For The Trees Fusion

  Spin-off   Spun by JorgePaulo



Creative Brief

Just a little starter ditty with plenty of room to stretch out in the 16 bar bridge...

New drums and keys would be great so we can lose the midi.  Feel free to play it how you want.

Additional Information

Genre Fusion Key D BPM 112.0

Collaboration started May 13, 2020 by JorgePaulo
Last upload 9mo+19dy ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2020 by JorgePaulo, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on May 13, 2020

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The owner has not yet declared how copyright will be shared with the other collaborators.

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JorgePaulo Jorge Paulo
Sesimbra Setúbal Portugal
ChokDKkeys Chris Hansen
Vestjylland Denmark
TroyP Troy Pender
Tennessee USA
Enaugle Erik Naugle
Michigan USA
Garrison Dylan Garrison
Santa Rosa CA USA