Beginner's Luck Soul

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Beginners Luck by EllenDXY Uploaded 10 days ago by Lawman

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Lawman   commented 10 days ago

Hey Ellen great track and very smooth vocals!! This is just a rough lead mixed in I need to clean it up as the key seems too change at times but if you like the concept let me know and I will continue to work it so it is tighter! Thanks! Jim

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EllenDXY   commented 10 days ago

Hi Jim, thanks for your idea. A very rough lead indeed. There are some parts I like. The key change is the essence of this song; it's like playing a (video)game where you play different levels... And YES smooth vocals! Once the final arrangement is there, Rens will sing it perfectly it think.

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Lawman   commented 10 days ago

I?ll lock down the change and put another version with seps so you can pick and choose what you like... or not! 😎