How Could You Ask For More? Singer/Songwriter

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How Could You Ask For More 2 Uploaded 8mo+12dy ago by capomagicpicJR

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Smdecat   commented 6mo+23dy ago

This song turned out fantastic man! I love what you did with the mix. Everything sounds great to my ears. I could hear this on the radio. Your vocals and the feel/songwriting/production reminds me of Glen Hansard or Damien Rice. Not sure if you know of those guys but it has that feel to it imo. All the playing drums..bass everything sounds top notch across the board. 17 plays? No comments?? Did you post it in the showcase forum? Why is this getting no love!! Thanks for working my guitar part in there..honor and pleasure to play on!


capomagicpicJR   commented 6mo+22dy ago

Glad you like it. This site isn't really a discovery site for new music imo. So that someone would come back to a track started 3 months ago and listen to a new updated mix of a song they aren't apart of is impossible for me to see when the site doesn't direct traffic like that(which I'm cool with). I occasionally post things in showcase but even that is something most members probably don't keep up with as the community page can be a garbage dump. Anyways, happy to have you playing on this one and glad you like the style and mix.