Exquisite Corpse Music Hackathon II World

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- jjt
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Creative Brief

Exquisite Corpse Hackathon II



Who did what in this fabulous Frankenstein-ian feast:

1] 00:00 - 00:40 ?......... Redfish
2] 00:40 - 01:08 ?......... Midipunk
3] 01:08 - 01:28 ?......... liljoe6string
4] 01:28 - 02:04 ?......... Petrrand
5] 02:04 - 02:22 ?......... JeanLui
6] 02:22 - 02:43 ?......... Minime
7] 02:43 - 03:02 ?......... Calderon
8] 03:02 - 03:30 ?......... Gemini
9] 03:30 - 04:05 ?......... Skookum
10] 04:05 - 04:29 ?......... MusicalHermit
11] 04:29 - 04:50 ?......... JJT
12] 04:50 - 05:13 ?......... yannkifer
13] 05:13 - 05:31 ?......... Mr Sinister
14] 05:31 - 05:58 ?......... Hines57

This piece has been created so it could be played as an infinite musical loop

a] Each person who wishes to contribute is chosen in a random order over a period of a few days.

b] When it is their turn, a participant is messaged with a simple instruction on CREATING A PIECE OF MUSIC THAT WILL JOIN ONTO THE LAST FEW NOTES [or bar] OF THE PREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS SUBMISSION [ The BPM of the last bar or two of the fragment will also be supplied].

c] Each collaborator secretly records their own music according to their whim but linking to the previous participants sound fragment. No chord progressions will be given. You can change BPM and meter as you wish during your musical fragment recording.

d] Wild card [random] additional instructions may be also secretly given to individuals when it is their turn.

e] You send your piece of music to Redfish as a wav file. [DO NOT share this with anyone .... strictly secret .... shhhhhhh] [This can be done by file transfer, private collabs etc etc ? many options to choose from]

f] Once all of the participants have contributed, the work will be assembled in a single wav file and posted here on Kompoz as the reveal for the 'Exquisite Corpse II? Musical Hackathon

Additional Information

Genre World

Collaboration started May 22, 2020 by jjt
Last upload 4mo+2dy ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2020 by jjt, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on May 22, 2020

Copyright Sharing Statement:

jjt has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Equally with other collaborators
Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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jjt JJ Thiele
Austin TX USA
Redfish Tony Gee
Leighton Buzzard United Kingdom
Calderon Ambrose Newton
Guildford Surrey United Kingdom
yannkifer yann kifer
World Hearth France
MusicalHermit John Keith
Chicago Illinois USA
peterrand Peter Rand
Wirral Merseyside United Kingdom
Hines57 Thomas Hines
Wilmington North Carolina USA
Mr_Sinister Peter Zero
Scotland United Kingdom
minime minime c
Dingenskirchen Germany
Skookum Janine B