DAW and engineering expertise wanted Pop/Rock

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By Tullio Carleo
5mo+28dy ago

can you send via wetransfer the files?



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Paulkearnsmusic   commented 5mo+27dy ago

What are you looking for - it's a bit of an all encompassing remit :)? I have around 15 years experience in Cubase (currently running version 10 Pro) - coupled with an X32 / 32 Digital desk. I can get to Broadcast Quality - with full mastering facilities. I can't however, make a silk purse from a sow's ear but, if the quality is there in the stems - anything's possible. I use BB (Spitfire), Vienna and Garritan Orchestral samples libraries (amongst others) and have in the region of 1500 or so VST instruments and a about a gig of samples (of all genres). I would be interested in seeing if we've got any common ground. Maybe hear from you soon. Cheers Paul.


ArchieM   commented 5mo+25dy ago

Thanks for your reply. We will write back with some more information on our thoughts tomorrow. All the best Jon Teisberg