Bruggenbouwer / Builder of Bridges Ambient

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130 Builder of bridges Uploaded 1mo+14dy ago by dubrae

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dubrae   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Sorry it took so long to get back with this one!!!, haha, joking.. I managed to escape for a couple of hours and this is what happened... I felt like a guitar solo would improve it but am not skilled in that area. shall we call it work in progress?

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dubrae   commented 1mo+15dy ago

there are some vocals on your piano track, I tried to use it.. not sure what the translation is though

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Zeelien   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Very touching. I couldn't have imagined it better. Thank you very much for taking this one on.. (ps it was a funcky recording done on the ipad years ago, and for some reason I recorded one part of the vox de piano track. You took it out and used it on another place, which actually sounds really good as well.) Bravo !