Funk in A Dorian Funk

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Let?s make a toast to the better days----- ----- I hope they coming soon Well I?ll be goddamned, they wanna take down a black man This is hard hitting shit jon claude van dam I don?t have carplay, look I?m rollin in a tranzam Niggas laughin at me they think its funny shit Dat Phan Everyone?s up in arms and losing it, lap band Cuz a nigga took a beating, getting braained on a dash cam I ai?nt shocked, cuz I been dealing with the facts man I been seen it since the 80s, Pac man Through the smoke its hard to tell where the facts are Focused on my money tell me where the stacks are On the come up you can say I?m like a rap star And they?ll be stuck getting pennies at the snack bar Ain?t getting stuck in lines man that?s where the saps are I?ll leave em running circles, vroom vroom Nascar They won?t play this in Harvard where the frats are But they listen down home, yeah baby Black Star

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