Buon Giorno Downtempo

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Boun Giorno Mix 2a Uploaded 4mo+15dy ago by minime

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minime   commented 4mo+15dy ago

Hello Roel , i have add your Drums to the Mix ! Have add some Toms at the part where the Guitar plays the two Chords ! I am happy with the Drums ! They fit in very very fine ! Have know by listening that it should be good but it is more good as i had think ! Thank you for joining ! There is a Test mp.3 for you ! We have write about this yesterday ! I have upload a Click two bars ! Check it out if you like ! https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1026228/file/1028512/1#comment1224964


Extraland   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Great mix. Nice touch with the toms! I had fun making this beat. So I just had to add a click to the first 2 bars? XD I removed it because I thought it wasn't neccissary since the audiofiles are all the same length, haha. I'll keep that in mind from now on, tnx for the tip!

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minime   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Fine that you like the Mix ! I am super happy with your Drums ! Great sounding and fine played /arranged ! Yes using a click - one bar or two bars in the Tempo of the track is all the time a good idea ! Best practice on my Projects would be that people cut the first Bar from the track he/she has downlaod and copy /paste then on the start of the track(s) he /she will upload ! Thank you and have a great weekend !