Double Edges (188) Classic Rock

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Song 188 Extended Version Drums Only v1 Uploaded 3mo+10dy ago by TDStudio

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AndyGupta   commented 3mo+9dy ago

Hi Maarten, Do you have the bass covered already, if not, I will like to give this a shot? Andy

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Lift   commented 3mo+9dy ago

Hi Andy, appreciate the offer but I already have a bass invite outstanding, hence the note in the title "(please note lyrics and bass invites outstanding)". Hope you and you're loved ones are doing well in this crazy time (COVID19). Cheers! Maarten

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AndyGupta   commented 3mo+8dy ago

Hey Maarten, No worries, another song perhaps :). We'are doing as well as we can given these times. Hopefully everything is well at your end. Best of luck with the song! Andy