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BRASS IDEA Uploaded 3mo+7dy ago by FIGSOUNDS

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 3mo+7dy ago

Hi Marc, Thanks for listening. A Sampled brass idea. Not finished, just wanted to present it to you. JP, Simon, everyone, amazing performances!

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Marceys   commented 3mo+7dy ago

Yeah man! Great timing and harmonics in the horns! Very incognito-ish! I play in a souldband with a real horn section and this sounds pretty close to real! The track is still breathing. Think it can use a funky rhythm guitar panned to the left or right to give a little extra drive to it but it needs to keep the track breathing and not overplay this piece! This is going places.... I am hearing vocals too! Cheers, Marc

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 3mo+7dy ago

The best.... I love the bass here. The horn arrangement sounds awesome