Lady Dawn Folk-Rock

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Lady Dawn mix 6 24 22 Uploaded 1mo+10dy ago by MikeLucas

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MikeLucas   commented 1mo+17dy ago

Andy I did a remix, fixed a couple of guitar parts, and added some strings. It just didn't feel done, yet. What do you think?

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AndyGupta   commented 1mo+16dy ago

Hi Mike, Sounds really good on a first listen!!! I think the strings work well of knit the sound together (I almost wish we had a real 4 or 8 -piece orchestra :). Jimmy's added harmony for the last chorus and outro is a nice touch. The acoustic guitars are a pure delight. Let me listen a couple of more times. I would like to listen the string in detail, in case we need add a tad more harmonic variation as the song progresses? Great job, Mike, you're the best! Andy

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AndyGupta   commented 1mo+2dy ago

Hi Mike, I was wondering if you could dial back the reverb on the drums, specially the snare? And maybe the compression on the snare so it goes thwwwack instead of tack to add a bit more body (if that makes sense), the snare should sound warmer I think. Thanks Andy

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MikeLucas   commented 27 days ago

No problem! Stay tuned!