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ThisTime Uploaded 4mo+22dy ago by EinsteinsDad

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BrokenBString   commented 4mo+7dy ago

Hi Steve, I'm doing a mix of Jen's spin-off of this fab track. Could I get the individual dry seps please? Many thanks.

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EinsteinsDad   commented 4mo+7dy ago

Hey Chris, I just uploaded the dry SEPS as requested for Jen's This Time. So glad you are baking the cake... What did you think about the dark Fahey lyrics I sent on Summer Evening. I knew that he had an impact on you. Just wanted you to know some of us heard you... Have fun...

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BrokenBString   commented 4mo+6dy ago

Thanks very much Steve. Yes, I loved the lyric (and did comment at the time, honest). Let's find a singer - a low growl like Tom Waits seems appropriate.