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Creative Brief

I wrote these lyrics for a song but I think they might benefit from someone elses fresh eyes/ears



Self medicate or meditate 

Ignorant or educate 

Still easier when you are straight 

Deep deep down there’s still no trust of race 


So demonstrate then legislate

Finding it tough? Well them’s the brakes

Enact a law always so late

Cause you can feel it on the streets ahead the mindset has changed 


Paying lip service for real estate?

Fictitious news sincere outrage

The Internets’ destroyed your brain

Made us all insane inside the blockchain


Thought control or anarchy?

Your drug of choice? A cup of tea

The queen is dead so too democracy

Indoctrinate the cult with mythology


Find what you love (and let it kill you)

This world will be fine, just not the humans


Read more books, binge watch TV

Indulge yourself then get healthy

Anxiety about the economy

Relax, sit back and buy the things that you don't need


The environment revenge is violent

Pick your fights or remain silent  

There is no truth just hubris points of view

The zealous groomed in thought who went to the same schools


Find what you love (and let it kill you)

This world will be fine, just not the humans  


‘Cause I have wasted time on charming things I don’t love and they will slowly, but surely kill you too


Find what you love (and let it kill you)

This world will be fine, just not the humans



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Genre Alternative

Collaboration started June 28, 2020 by WotNot

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