A Gtr Indie Rock

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A Gtr Uploaded 3mo+2dy ago by joeyalomar

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BKWilliamson   commented 3 months ago

Love it Joey !!! What do you think of this lyric? I'm not really sure how the vocal melody would go but it just feels right to me somehow. ******************************************** Threads © 6/21/2019 - All Rights Reserved Lyrics by: BK Williamson Now here you are You?re back again I?ll never ask where you have been Don?t wanna know your lovers name You?ll never know I know your shame Pre-Chorus: Lost ~~~~~~~~~~ in the shadows Love ~~~~~~~~~ what does it matter Chorus_1: Mischa? I?m tangled in your golden threads They bind my heart in vain Mischa? Your memory runs through my head like barbwire in my brain Just a puppet hung upon a thread In darkness lies upon his broken bed Pre-Chorus: Lost ~~~~~~~~~~ in the shadows Love ~~~~~~~~~ what does it matter Chorus_2: Oh Mischa? I wonder if you?ll ever see past your wall so high Oh Mischa? It?s right here inside of me a place for love to die


joeyalomar   commented 3 months ago

Sounds good, I think I will restructure the music .....thanks