Spectacular Pop/Rock

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By Roi Aknin
1mo+27dy ago

Hi, do you still need help to work on the lyrics? I'd love to do that!

Just tell me what you need.

I see how the verses fit the song, so I could easily work on them. I don't understand the chorus though (Is it already written to fit a melody?)...

Is the structure written down right?


Just let me know, I'd love to be a part of this beautiful tune.


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bertrandlunasam   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Hello Roi!. Thank you for dropping me a note. I'm generally not very good at lyrics, everything I write reads like a novelty song. I would really need lyrics for "Venice" https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1033366 That one I have no ideas whatsoever except the vague theme of "a tumultous love affair" Sophia Loren-style from the early 1960s. Another song that could really use nice lyrics: https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1033377 That one has a Cure and Morissey vibe I'd like to exploit. Joshua tried singing on it but was disppointed with the result and has dropped out. I asked him to change the lyrics before he sang and he didn't. The very few lyrics remaining must be scrapped, they're awful. In the case of "Spectacular", Kim Noble is set to sing it and she likes to change lyrics and fit them to what she wants to do. Those lyrics are tight enough for her and I don't wish to re-visit them for now. Cheers!


Roi252   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Thank you for the quick response! Okay, no problem at all. I'm listening to what you're making and it sounds great. I will do my best and post some lyrics there shortly! Already working on something. Tell me if you like it, and if you need help on anything else.