Carved In Stone Pop

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Creative Brief

"Carved In Stone"

Elliott Park

(Key: Unknown)

(BPM: Unknown)

This song has been legally licensed by The gods. Recording artists are being contracted with to record it under the compulsory licensing provisions of the United States Copyright Act. Click on the badge above or scan the QR code to view the license.

Ok, back to English.

"Carved In Stone" is written by a very experienced songwriter known as Elliott Park. He does a lot of work with children's music, and others like this one. I believe what we got here is potentially a massive timeless classic, in the vein of "Desperado." I'm assessing a risk factor of "medium" to this song, based on the interactions / communication I've had with its copyright owner. If you don't know what I'm talking about right now, go back and read the main description on the main public Kompoz page.

You can start working on this song by creating a "spin-off" or by submitting a new instrument track (sep/stem) idea to this private collaboration. Submit any "gold ideas" you have for this song, and I will try to include them in the master recording. So, I say again. Submit individual seps/stems, or create your own complete cover version of the song. You can change anything except for the lyrics and fundamental melody (that is called a derivative work). Derivative works are not allowed under mechanical licenses. Do an internet search on "cover song" vs "derivative work" if you are unsure of the difference and legality of it all.

Check out the royalty split sheet example I linked to on the main Kompoz page, so that you have an accurate expectation of what your share of royalty earnings might look like. The "Producer" royalty you see, is for people who perhaps help out with administrative stuff such as setting up a metronome click track (an accurate one) for everybody to use, submitting foundational instrument scratch tracks that help get things started, finding tabs/videos that aid other musicians in learning how to play the song, identifying general song info such as the key / bpm, etc... and also (probably) primarily for those who submit gold ideas that end up getting used in the final record, but are recorded more professionally by someone else. That's because there are no publishing royalties awarded for these songs, and so I plan on remedying this by awarding producer's credits to those who advance the song creatively (and administratively)... which is basically what a producer does.

The recording phase for this song is scheduled to last at least from January - April. At the end of the first quarter of 2020, I plan on coming in and picking the best recorded version to feature as the main "master record" for this song. This is the record that will be promoted atop all the other versions on the website, at performances/shows, during marketing campaigns, whatever. Make The gods look good. This is the record that fans will most likely associate with The gods, and the record that will be positioned to sell the most copies. Additionally, all other high quality / creative versions of the song will also be included on the website and distributed/sold to the fans. I plan on making multiple recorded versions of each song available to the public, but we'll see...

The creator(s) of each record will be paid 100% of all record royalties earned if/when fans purchase it. If you create the whole recording yourself, 100% of the record royalties are yours. If you do it in collaboration with other musicians, I will draw up a split sheet and decide the percentages. Anyone who wants to be paid will have to sign a simple contract. Anyone who does not want to be paid, let me know in writing before you start.

Click on the title of the song above to hear it. Click on the songwriter's name under that to view their website / social media in order to find any lyrics, sheet music, tabs, videos, etc., that might help you learn how to play it. If you want, you can post anything you think might be helpful to the other musicians. Otherwise, everything is by ear. You are creating covers, just do it how you would naturally do it if you heard a song somewhere that you liked. It doesn't have to be exact. Hence, the essence of a "cover."

I plan on constantly inviting new musicians to this collaboration throughout the recording process, and fostering a very competitive "free market" type of environment. This is the best way to ensure that at least one professional, high quality record is produced in the end for this song. Below is the leader board of all who have submitted master records (complete final covers) of this song. The leader board shows the covers that are "in the money" (the acceptable records I currently plan on featuring, on the website of The gods). I will try to keep it updated. If you're above the line, you're in - for now. If you're below it, try to improve the recording, create a new one, or move to working on a different song. Most submissions will probably be rejected. Don't take it personal. I've rejected more of my own then I ever will of yours. The name is "The gods." We live up to it only with masterpieces.



(1) "Song Name" by Kompozer

(2) "Song Name" by Kompozer

(3) "Song Name" by Kompozer



"Song Name" by Kompozer

"Song Name" by Kompozer

"Song Name" by Kompozer

"Song Name" by Kompozer

"Song Name" by Kompozer

"Song Name" by Kompozer

"Song Name" by Kompozer


Have confidence that if you do a great job and make a hit record of this song, then your record is about to be promoted to thousands of people at live events in the nation's capital of Washington, DC, and featured on the website of The gods. If you have any questions related to this particular song, post them to this private page. If you have any questions related to The gods in general, post them to the main public page. If you have any really important questions, or if I don't answer, send an email to

Have fun.

Additional Information

Genre Pop

Collaboration started July 5, 2020 by Magnusxsvanfeldt

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2020 by Magnusxsvanfeldt, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jul 5, 2020

Copyright Sharing Statement:

Magnusxsvanfeldt has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Based on a split sheet
Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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