Hard Intel Hard Rock

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HARD INTEL with DRUMS Uploaded 24 days ago by dwfreak

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dwfreak   commented 24 days ago

Hi Artur, hope all is good in your world my friend. Here is my vision on drums for the song. If you wish to go further I would need a clean track without drums to be able to set the tempo ;-) Let me know if this can work... Cheers. Chris.


fredfrees   commented 24 days ago

Hi, Chris! Great first run!! I emailed Artur about recording a new clean track. In the meantime, here are my immediate thoughts: 1. What you're doing at 2:22 is the right energy for the whole song. I'm not sure going soft during the 1st half of the song and building is the way to go. We can go softer on the bridge. 2. Put some 1-2-3 beats with the snare after each HARD...HARD... 3. And, after HARD INTEL ON YOU, some rolls on the toms. 4. Also, don't be timid on the cymbal crashes. 5. Also, on the bridge, try keeping the main rhythm with the big cymbal. 6. I love what you're doing after 2:22. I asked Artur to add a full minute of guitar-only for a long guitar solo, with those drums letting loose. Your rolls are great, and don't hesitate to do more of them! THANKS!!!!


fredfrees   commented 24 days ago

One more thing: You've got the right idea at the beginning of the song. I just don't think it should be too soft once the double-time begins. That's when the fun should begin! ; )

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arturl   commented 24 days ago

Hi Chris, as Fred said, it sounds great. I'll spend some time of the evening für all the suggestions of Fred and will give you a new (I did it before, I thought) clead recording. Pleas wait, until I have something new.

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dwfreak   commented 23 days ago

Great guys, at least we have it going ;-) I'll wait until you upload the clean track. Cheers. Chris.