Cheating death Soul

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CheatingDeath01 Uploaded 7mo+13dy ago by KingJadean

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Reba1994   commented 7mo+14dy ago

I think I have a lyricist that might be able to help Teek can you upload your lyrical idea? :)

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Reba1994   commented 7mo+14dy ago

I've got lyrics now from Teek - when you have a version put together you want me to use as a bedtrack for vocals, let me know ... I'll send you my idea off of that ... :)


KingJadean   commented 7mo+14dy ago

I was thinking to use this version for the vocals. I didn't want to pull out any frequencies or instruments because I wasn't sure of the range of the singer. Let me know if you need a minimalistic mix.

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Reba1994   commented 7mo+13dy ago

I have a very large range - so more close to a full mis is what I would need. I also was planning to use the lyrics uploaded. Uncertain if you like either at this point. Let me know.


KingJadean   commented 7mo+12dy ago

Hello The lyric from Galh33 is the best contender so far. I suggest that you use this to find a melody that fits your style. I make the decision on which performances and lyrics to use during mixing and will unequivocally go with the performance and lyric that best serves the song and will guide you the best I can to reach that goal.