Cheating death Soul

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CheatingDeath01 sax dry Uploaded 2mo+4dy ago by MikiBella

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MikiBella   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Hi King, Nice theme! I upload an idea with sax; I've played over all the theme so maybe you can use something. You can cut, edit, etc at your convenience; and if it does not fit, feel free to discard. Version 1 dry sep; Version 2 edit sep; Version 3 rough mix for easy listening. Cheers.


KingJadean   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Hello Thank you for the recording! There are a lot of ideas here so I will see if I can cut it together.

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MikiBella   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Of course. I've really enjoyed playing on your song (I have more takes). If something can be useful you take it; and if not, it's all right. Thank you :)