Cheating death Soul

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CD Spin Bass Idea Mix 2 Uploaded 5mo+24dy ago by SpinDizzy

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SpinDizzy   commented 5mo+24dy ago

I have to admit I am feeling a bit tone deaf from this one. I've played it several times and even though I believe I have it right it doesn't sound like it to me at points. Probably my ears are just worn down a bit. I won't post a sep until you give this one the nod and if it is still not correct I will jot down a root only lead sheet and post it in the discussion area for you to correct for me. I guess my old ears aren't what they used to be!

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SpinDizzy   commented 5mo+21dy ago

Going to go ahead and post the sep for this. If you can use keep it if not feel free to archive it. Thanks for the listen.