The Stolen Identity Blues Blues

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Drums jam along Uploaded 2 days ago by Midipunk

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davkoeh77   commented 7 days ago

Pete - thank you so much! This is great - can you send a Sep?

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Midipunk   commented 6 days ago

My pleasure, always looking for something to bang on. You don't have to settle, we can get it right. I'll give it another go with the guitar only if you'd like, the vocal phrasing threw me in a few spots. If you're sincerely happy with it I will send just the drums.

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davkoeh77   commented 6 days ago

Terrific - Here is how I thinking it will come together - please let me know if there is a better way because I am new to putting these collaborative projects together. I don't want to use any of my own tracks for the final. I uploaded them for demonstration purposes and to give people a template to build from. Right now I don't have very good recording equipment, and my guitar playing skills are limited. If you can do the guitar and the drums we will have a good foundation to build out the rest of the song. I am thinking about keys - maybe piano, maybe organ, rhythm and lead guitar - your drums and then bass. Then I want to get someone who can sing the blues better than I. What kind of guitar track are you thinking about?

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davkoeh77   commented 4 days ago

Hi Pete, yes please send the drums sep. I'd like to see the rhythm guitar done over with your drum track . My track was done just using the mic on my iPhone and there are a few spots where the strings are buzzing.

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peterrand   commented 6 days ago

I still have this one one the to do list - haven;t got to it yet though. Maybe if Pete does his stuff I could add something?

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davkoeh77   commented 5 days ago

Yeah, are thinking about adding keyboards maybe an organ sound to it Peter? Whatever you think is best. I'll leave it to you once Pete adds his guitar work to go with the drums

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peterrand   commented 5 days ago

OK will do.

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davkoeh77   commented 2 days ago

OK, I overlaid the guitar harmonies over the rhythm guitar and drums. The rhythm guitar isn't completely clean but I think it works, and I don't know that I can get it any better than it is. It's supposed to have a freewheeling feel to it anyway.