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ATL DRUMS CONCEPT MIX 7 30 20 Uploaded 1mo+25dy ago by ATLdrums

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Carloto   commented 1mo+25dy ago

Excelente!!! can you upload the tracks separately? (drums and voices) thanks for your time and work.

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ATLdrums   commented 1mo+24dy ago

Yes. Coming up. Will include the base track I edited as I added clicks for timing. I believe the guitars drag a bit in a few places. The drums are right on the beats.

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Deeptrope   commented 1mo+24dy ago

Please keep the voice! Very inspiring! I've come up with a chorus and plan on leaving the voice alone(lyrically). Will work on the verses tomorrow night. Let me know if you like what I came up with: 1:06 Can?t run away from the echoes pounding messages caught in a sinful cage. Try to escape but they?re all around me, my haunting confessions of guilt and pain. Softly and sadly the voice is callin?, her song a reflection of willful ways: Siren of madness that keeps recallin? the haunting confessions that still remain. 1:36