La Isla Bonita Pop

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La Isla Bonita v3 0 Uploaded 4 months ago by ptmc15

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Reba1994   commented 4 months ago

Como puede ser verdad (very first words) - needs to be slightly louder - with kinda a sexy/breathy effect if possible. Double voicing only works if you sing it exactly alike .. its not always easy. Harmony - slightly softer on the chorus - perfect volume in the bridge ... In the chorus if the harmony could have more of a "quieter breezy sound" - like the end, but I sang it more like that at the end ... If you need me to redo I can, that's simple. This is sounding really good Patrick ... Now if you can get a Flamenco style guitarist on this, that would be perfect ... Maybe JB2012 can do that - I am not sure. I've worked with him before and he is good.


ptmc15   commented 4 months ago

Thank you. I will consider all of that. I may take the evening off from the project and refresh with a new mind tomorrow. I will reach out to the user you mentioned. It would definitely make the track very lovely. Thanks again and I will be in contact with you soon!

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Reba1994   commented 4 months ago

Yes - fresh ears will help! Good night!

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Reba1994   commented 3mo+23dy ago

Hey there - Have you had a chance to revisit? Is there anything I should re-sing here.


ptmc15   commented 3mo+20dy ago

Sorry for the delay. I have a guitarist/basist who is looking to partake in the project. I have been swamped at work and life but I will provide more detail if we need things changed soon :) thanks again!