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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- jubal
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Creative Brief

this is in desperate need of a proper mix, please contact me 1st...its also spinoff enabled if you want to go there with are the lyrics and chords


She looks across an open field, where trees hide in fog

looks around, no ones near, she knows she won't be caught

one last check, a deep breath, she darts into the mist

boards a bus, she's on the run, had to take the risk



Escape, was always what she wanted

Escape, was always on her mind

Escape, from everything around her

Escape, leave everything behind

Blame, it on her rageoholic father

Blame, it on her alcoholic mom

Blame, it on the sun and moon above

Shame on a world, that don't know love


In the giant city, she blends in with the crowd

finds her way, over to, the poorer side of town

and there they are, the ones like her, young and on the run

huddled together, childhood is done







intro...B   C6   B   Am7   B   C6   B   A7...repeat, BUT OMIT A7 (last chord)

verse 1...same chords as intro

chorus...B7   D5add9addb11   B7   D5add9addb11   B7   D5add9addb11   C#5add#5add#9add#13   D5add9addb11...(repeat phrase again) E   D   C#5add#5add#9add#13   B7...repeat this phrase 3 more times

verse 2...same chords as intro

chorus...same chords as other chorus

finale...E7b11sus2   D5add9addb11   C#5add#5add#9add#13   B7   E6sus4   D6sus4   C#m#5   B7


Additional Information

Genre Alternative BPM 92.0

Collaboration started August 15, 2020 by jubal
Last upload 2mo+26dy ago

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Copyright © 2020 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Aug 15, 2020

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