Turnover Pop/Rock

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TURNOVER ALL IN MIX V1 8 16 20 Uploaded 3mo+16dy ago by ATLdrums

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moehoward   commented 6mo+20dy ago

Damn, this is an awesome mix. I like how Mario's bass is even more out front and the added guitars are such a nice fit, really like this, thanks Brian for your effort and for listening.


moehoward   commented 6mo+20dy ago

I decided this is like the theme music when the main character is standing on the top of the mountain, and he's shaking his fist up in the air, and he's yelling at the wind "is this all you got 2020? Is this all you came with? Well that ain't nothing! Look at me! I'm all the way up here see??? You ain't knocked me down yet! HA! HA! HA!" and then he just turns around dramatically and walks down the mountain. Fade out.

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MarioLicataBassist   commented 6mo+20dy ago

Ha! Spot on visual!

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ATLdrums   commented 6mo+20dy ago

Glad you like it. Happy to make any adjustments. Have been working with a Nashville pro on mixing technique so am glad that work is coming through.

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JenCarie   commented 5mo+23dy ago

Ohhh man! This is so good!! Everyone did incredible!