Don't Look Back Dance

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jannik m1 file - vocal melody idea Uploaded 1mo+28dy ago by freespiritz

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freespiritz   commented 1mo+28dy ago

Hi Jannik I have uploaded a vocal melody I have in mind. If you would like me to come in on this I can write new lyrics in English and sing it too if you feel my voice works with your track. I know what you have put together is a rough sketch so I am happy to work on the arrangement with you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts

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Roselyne   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Love this!


freespiritz   commented 1mo+25dy ago

Hi Roselyne, It seems Jannik has gone quiet. Either that or he is not feeling it. Who knows.

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jannik   commented 1mo+12dy ago

Hi Ri, Although we're already in contact through PMs I just wanted to drop a comment here too so other's can see that we're working on your version of the vocals! :) I've been very busy this week but I'll have time on the weekend to work on what we discussed :) Cheers Jannik


freespiritz   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Hi Jannik, I hear you. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to hearing the next version. Ciao Ri