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Moving to the next level

By Niall Helsinki
13 days ago

Hi everybody

Thank you all for contributing to this so far!

If you still have appetite for collaboration, then I would be happy to have you along for the ride. I think the direction started to make sense to me when Patrick (Ulcur) submitted his vocal and I heard how it fit with the drum track that Brian (ATLDrums) provided and the bassline that Philippe (bassman) provided. You can hear that in the rough mix that is now the "featured" for this collaboration.

I think we could pursue a kind of modern, indie, even psychedelic country direction. References might be Sturgill Simpson or Karl Blau.

This kind of music tends to have quite full, complex arrangements and I think the drum track really supports this and gives great momentum throughout. I really like the way it kicks the song into life when the vocals come in.

In terms of arrangement ideas I would like to immediately drop out the acoustic guitar part that takes up so much mid-range space. Then see what kind of electric rhythm part might work ("chanks" on the 2 and 4?) and what kind of space that might create for strings, piano, percussion, backing vocals, synths etc.

Brian: Hopefully your spinout will attract attention as well, and I love the idea of a female vocalist, but would it be possible for you to provide the drum track and strings as stems / seps for use here too?

Once the main arrangement is nailed and we have a "complete" demo then I would love to see if it would be worth re-tracking anything before moving to mixing, mastering and finishing the track

What do you say?

And again, thanks for your contributions so far. I am quite thrilled that you found this to be worth your time!




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ATLdrums   commented 13 days ago

Hi Niall. Happy to upload seps. Will try to get to later today.

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pboaz   commented 13 days ago

Thanks a lot!

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Ulcur   commented 12 days ago

Like the attention this collab gets. Spin-off? That sounds like more ideas. Glad to be part of this. You are doing just fine. Feel free to do any changes necessary on my part.