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Keys parts

By Robert Lippmann
15 days ago

I’ve been messing around with a piano part for this, and was thinking of throwing down some synth ideas. 

The chord progression appears to be A, E, G, D. But there’s a few places where it deviates a little. Could you please write out the chords to make this a little easier on me? ;)


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peterrand   commented 15 days ago

Hi Robert - you're right A E G D, the other main one is E7 E7 Bm7 F#m7 E7 E7 Bm7 E and one bit goes A E Bm7 E.. A E G D *2 A E Bm7 E A E G D E7 E7 Bm7 F#m7 E7 E7 Bm7 E A E G D E7 E7 Bm7 F#m7 E7 E7 Bm7 E etc


robertmlippmann   commented 13 days ago

Ah, thought there were some ii’s and iv’s in there :)

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peterrand   commented 13 days ago

Don't take my word as gospel however ...!!! I have been known to be wrong when working out chords in the past..


robertmlippmann   commented 12 days ago

I’m out of town for a bit, so won’t get back to this until next week. Having trouble with the E7 progressions. Are each of the chords a bar or a beat there?


robertmlippmann   commented 7 days ago

Sounds more like they start on the Bm and end on the E7s.

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peterrand   commented 7 days ago

Fair enough - you could be right! Go with what you think!


robertmlippmann   commented 6 days ago

I put some chord ideas in GarageBand just as a place to put some rough ideas. Let me know what you think (yeah, the engineering and timing is shoddy, I know :)