Selfie Queen Indie Rock

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Selfie Queen Drum Idea Mix Uploaded 2mo+13dy ago by WhiteDrum55

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Mapleman   commented 2mo+13dy ago the changes...for the most part we're in sync, only 2 spots where I'm slightly off...I can adjust my playing...maybe wait for bass and/or a lead guitar contribution. That or I just go back in and add some piano to the middle of the song...

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WhiteDrum55   commented 2mo+9dy ago

That was fun! Probably best to wait to see what direction Peter wants to go. Cheers! Mark

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Mapleman   commented 2mo+9dy ago

sounds good

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elizabethauzan   commented 2mo+9dy ago

Thank you both :-))

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peterrand   commented 2mo+9dy ago

Sounds good to me, definitely. Will need remixing a tad once we have more contributions..