Sad Orchestra: Hope it feels like home (song for Rolf) Modern Composition

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SkIdeas Uploaded 1mo+6dy ago by Skookum

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jubal   commented 1mo+6dy ago

lovely vocals Janine : )

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Mysterian   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Wow. Thank you so much! I?ll start mixing tomorrow!

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Skookum   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Thanks so much for letting me be part of this Ian and it's so nice to finally sing with you Jeff. Everyone sounds fantastic and it's nice to send Mr. Wilson a little prayer. I got a little verklempt a couple of times and that only happens when something is really special. Thanks again xx :)

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Redfish   commented 1mo+6dy ago

beautiful VOX Janine :)

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Redfish   commented 1mo+6dy ago

I know what you mean Janinine ...... I had that experience too when listening to this too ... I've had a similar feeling sometimes on rememberence day ........ very special