Boy! Teen Pop

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Boy MarGr Uploaded 1mo+26dy ago by MarGr

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craystephenson   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Nice evolution! Curious to see what Lief thinks. What compression did you use, btw?


Leafdriving   commented 1mo+26dy ago

I'm thinking - "I added something - and someone kept some of it - and went their own direction" I love that. As for "better" - I put the singer as the "judge" I'm open-minded enough that "For this piece" - I'd be happy to direct my changes to the influence of our youth. (I've noticed I might have a slight bias towards my own work - I'm probably the only one that does that)


MarGr   commented 1mo+25dy ago

I love to use the MCompressor of Melda Productions ad VST but i think i forgott to use a part of the fieles? div instruments like the bells ...