October Collab IDM/Experimental

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October 2 1 Uploaded 2mo+6dy ago by eightyone

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eightyone   commented 2mo+6dy ago

A little rough around the edges, but has some cool stuff I think nonetheless. Xan please let me know what you think, I like that last thing you were doing with the lofi effect on the master, if you could apply that again on this when you send something back that would be awesome. I'm confused on how to move past this point, maybe you could give some ideas or try to figure it out because i'm stumped on this. Anyways, hope you enjoy, here's the link to the (much more consolidated) stems: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1brIwgjSODHdahHDWc0CM1ujWj8Yz2MVr/view?usp=sharing

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xan   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Nice nice nice! I don't know exactly what you need or ask ("I'm confused")... Like i was using 2 new synths, I passed some of your synths in mono for more clarity in the mix. Downloading your tracks.


eightyone   commented 2mo+4dy ago

What I meant when I said "move on past this point" is I was wondering on how to continue expanding the track as it isn't yet finished. I'm stumped on what to add and it seems like just adding more percussion has not worked haha

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xan   commented 2mo+3dy ago

I prefer this build because you finish "stronger" this time. 2:42 long. The main idea is already created. You just need to duplicate parts and make some variations. Too bad you merged some pads and the drums. :P