Forward Motion Fusion

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Forward Motion 2 Uploaded 3mo+4dy ago by javierpg84

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MDK   commented 3mo+5dy ago

Thanks again for a much better effort. I'm missing the dynamics of the intentional build-up to the bridge. Leave out the rhythm guitar until about the 0:27 mark when the alto saxes come in, and then I need to be able to hear the difference when the lead guitar comes in at about 0:40. Right after the first bridge it needs to drop to just bass, saxes and drums/congas thru about 1:13. I'm expecting another guest musician there in the near future. Reference Mix 2C. The lead guitar could use just a small touch of reverb in solo section starting at about 1:47. I may have been a bit too heavy on the reverb in my mix. The rest sounds great except that the ending of some of the tracks needs to be cleaned of extra noise/hum.


javierpg84   commented 3mo+4dy ago

Sven: I have addressed all your comments in v2. Thank you