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Show Me Where It Hurts structure idea Uploaded 13 days ago by Maxesss

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Maxesss   commented 13 days ago

Hi, this can be a possible structure of the song (in measures, BPM 100, Key Gm). 02 Intro 06 Verse 14 Chorus 22 Instrumentals 26 Vocals 30 Verse 38 Chorus 46 Bridge 58 Chorus 66 Outro The drop was rendered with the audio files and not the midi so it sounds weird but this is intended to give you an idea Unfortunately the vocal track is a lot noisy (I think the equipment is right but the setup used to record was not exactly set) I have no sep for the nice groove from ATLdrums so I left the MIDI annoying drum. I like the idea to have a harmonized choir in the intro. Let me know your comments (sorry, I didn't even fade out)

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NotaSalad   commented 13 days ago

Very nice. Do you think we could all hear it without the timing of the vocals being edited? Also no autotune either, I personally like how my voice sounds with the computerized pitch. Pretty good so far though. I think the instrumentals for the bridge could be written different from the rest of the song. I can also tell that my voice is a bit out of pitch some times but that's because I'm not listening to anything except a metronome. Let's work off of this with the timing of the vocals how I uploaded them and go from there. Great work!


Maxesss   commented 13 days ago

In my opinion the original track doesn't match the bedtrack. You have to record the song with the bedtrack in your ears, no way to do something different from this. It's not possible to be on pitch with the metronome only and for sure you loose the point where you are in the song. Of course in pop music there are exceptions but I think that we must follow the rules first before to break them. I was suggesting you to download a DAW in order to work with markes (that highlight you the song section like Verse, Chorus and so on). This is still very far from a final version, so the autotune on or off make no sense, but about the timing you must follow the tournaround of 4 measures, you can't add random pause sections of 1 or 2 or even 1.5 measures. This simply will not work. Of course I'm not a master in these things but I listen a lot of music and the rule of 4 is kept in 99% of the song. Trust me, this can't fall in the 1% This uploaded track it's supposed to give an idea of how the song can work, but for sure the vocals can't be the final one because the quality is not appropriate for a master. According with what you wrote on a different thread, your equipment can be good, but maybe you have to use it differently (gain on the interface, distance from the microphone, distance of the pop filter from the microphone, volume of your voice). I tried to leave the timing as it was recorded and everything was disaligned. In several sections you started in the middle... I can upload it so you can understand what I mean