Gorgeous Dance of Time Soft Rock

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Creative Brief

Gorgeous dance of time


This song is based on a chord progression I came up with many years ago (25 or 30 years or so). I never really did anything serious with it, but a few weeks ago, I was with a Persian poet friend, Mrs Parvaneh Naderi, and after a few drinks, I played the progression and she wrote the lyrics. 

A weeks later, I recorded a simple draft version of this song (just 2 guitars and vocal) with her lyrics and am posting the result here. If you like what you are hearing, perhaps together we could develop it further to an song (English lyrics needed). 


The chord progression goes like this:













Now the Persian lyrics when translated to English will be something like below (obviously the meaning makes more sense in Persian and when translated the spirit of it is lost, hence I think brand new lyrics, inspired by the Persian lyrics is needed):


Verse 1:

The flower opened its eyes and bloomed

it counted the heartbeat of life in terms of seconds (time)

From all the old and new lovers

it gave its heart to the butterfly



Life is the gorgeous dance of time

With its many laughters and cries

The excitement of your laughters from a far away

sits in a simple wooden frame (the poet took this phrase from another Kompoz collaboration with Parmia on Vocals)



In the thirsty realm of my heart

The flower bloomed from your love

When it heard the sound of your musical instrument

it turned its back to any sorrow



The gorgeous dance of time

became the heart beat of this very song

in the silence of your eyes

the night became an excuse to be drunk

the sound of this song

combined with the kisses

and our lovely dance

is the gorgeous dance of time


Again, when translated to English, the lyrics doesn’t convey the beauty of this lyrics, but I assure you that in Persian it rhymes quite nicely and is quote motivational…I know a talented lyricist here will come up with a great brand new lyrics.







Additional Information

Genre Soft Rock Key Am BPM 120.0

Collaboration started October 17, 2020 by nimaranjbar
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