Gorgeous Dance of Time Soft Rock

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 14 days ago

THE GORGEOUS DANCE OF TIME lyrics based on a translation of Raghs Ghashang Lahzeh ha from the Persian by Joel Sattler the flower woke up and then it opened its eyes counting the heartbeat of life in moments of time from all the lovers of life both the old and the new it gave its heart to the glorious butterfly life is involved in the gorgeous glorious dance of time with all its many laughters and cries the joy of your laughter can be heard far away sitting as a masterpiece in a simple wood frame in the thirsty realm of my simple wood heart the flower bloomed out of your love from the start I heard the sound of a simple wood guitar it tore away from the sorrow apart the gorgeous dance of time is part of the heart that beats in this very song ha ha ha the silence in your eyes it plays along the night is just an excuse to get very drunk our kisses combine with the sound of the song to make a dance out of this glorious rhyme a gorgeous dance of this glorious time time is just a dance of loving love is just a chance of giving time is what we use for living from the very start of beginning round the sun we all are spinning in an endless endless line in this gorgeous dance of time