Somewhere Before Rock & Roll

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Somewhere Before 2020 10 30 Uploaded 2mo+9dy ago by jimmmmyt

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LiamB   commented 2mo+20dy ago

Oh yes indeedy

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jimmmmyt   commented 2mo+20dy ago

Ha, it's coming along. And Nick the Mix hasn't even gotten his magic mitts on it yet. Tom Curless is sending me some very cool harmony vocals that will go between the bridge vocal lines. Chris's B3 part made a big difference, imho. Thanks!

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LiamB   commented 2mo+20dy ago

Yeah I wasn?t sure about the keyboard at first because I liked the start how it was, nice and simple. Now it?s been mixed though, coming in a bit later, I think it works really well. Noticed a couple of other cool things in the mix that I hadn?t noticed before too. Looking forward to hearing those vocal harmonies. Favourite part is still that bit of lead after the bridge. Love that

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cawilke   commented 2mo+20dy ago

Thanks guys, much appreciated, just nice to be involved:-)