Confess (JCree8 Vocals) Pop/Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by GalHornstein



Creative Brief

Confess / Gal Hornstein © 2020


Verse I

Every single day is an enigma 

Never knowing how it's going to end

Every crisis is a paradigm

Of the broken world you have to mend


Verse II

Every single lover might be rival

Every single malt your only friend

Every single bullet makes you wonder

Will it be the last you'll have to spend


Pre Chorus

Confess confess

Can you confess

Confess confess

Can you confess


Verse III

Every single day you keep believing

That the order lies within the mess

Every single lie you keep believe in

Truly makes it harder to confess


Chorus I

Confess confess

Can you confess

Confess confess

How can you confess

When cheating death


Verse IV

Every single day that you are living

Leaving trails of rubbles and distress

Every single day the grin gets grimmer 

On the reaper's face, you're cheating death!


Chorus II

Confess confess

Can you confess

Confess confess

You do not confess

When cheating death

Additional Information

Genre Pop/Rock BPM 81.0

Collaboration started October 24, 2020 by GalHornstein
Last upload 1mo+10dy ago

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Copyright © 2020 by GalHornstein, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Oct 24, 2020

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