Blue sky mornings (lyrics) Indie Rock

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BlueSkyMorningsDemo Uploaded 2mo+15dy ago by John7887

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John7887   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Just a bear bones demo, I'm just playing around here. Guitars would suit the song much better than uke. Thanks for creating

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LiamB   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Thanks John, I like that and I really appreciate you having a go at one of my lyrics. I think it sounds nice as it is with a simple uke and a voice. Nice and simple. I?m happy to leave it open to anyone else jumping in and adding anything unless you?ve got any other plans of your own. Unfortunately I?m useless with computers and all that so never be involved much with all the management side of a track past uploading my lyrics. I tend to put them up there and see where you musicians take them. This is a good start. Thanks mate


John7887   commented 2mo+15dy ago

I'm always in 2 minds about singing. I feel like I need to sing to demonstrate how the lyric wraps around the chords. At the same time, your lyric deserves a much better singer than me:). I've no plans for this, just trying to be creative and share my ideas, happy to leave it open, glad you liked it though.