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Drums audition Uploaded 1mo+23dy ago by DrumTorque

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DrumTorque   commented 1mo+23dy ago

Hi dudes, I don´t know if you need drums, but I could not resist. Powerful song, I love it. Hope you like Cheers!!

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DrumTorque   commented 1mo+23dy ago

I can make the drums on de second part with electronic sounds if you prefer.


Graiouf   commented 1mo+23dy ago

Hi, For this project, i looking for effects drums, chime, cymbals, triangle, percus, but no rythm drums... I would be happy if you put somes drums effects on certain parts :) The new version is featured Nice day to you, cheers, François


Graiouf   commented 1mo+22dy ago

I uploaded a new version with more instruments, but i hope you'll play some drum's effects or percussions here :)

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DrumTorque   commented 1mo+22dy ago

Okay!! I´m going to try something on the new version. Thanks mate.