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Play Me a Song njd3 sample Uploaded 3mo+13dy ago by njd3

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njd3   commented 2mo+4dy ago

i couldn't wait til next year!


Parm   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Oh cool!! Fast done but sounds actually quite good to me! :o What do you think Peter?.. you still want the first verse to be the style1? What about the word "wife"?..I changed it to be "spouse" (though it's not a problem these days some countries at Btw..I really love the bass line! It's good that it's on top \o/

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peterrand   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Sounds great, just listening now - no problem with wife/spouse at all. Great stuff!

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njd3   commented 2mo+4dy ago

thanks. i did most of the work last time. just slipped the new vocals in and added a new compressor i heard about. might have to automate the drums near the beginning. they're too hot.