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PLAYSONG AUD2 ByParm 201217 Uploaded 2mo+19dy ago by Parm

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Parm   commented 2mo+19dy ago

Hey I tried another approach to this..I kinda felt the previous a bit dragging or's so hard to find the right style.. :/ I did a fast mix with Audition trying to remember how to use

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peterrand   commented 2mo+18dy ago

Just listened to this and the first one - Both great ! Have you thought about combining the two approaches - i.e. putting (say) the first one at the start and then the second one for the later stages? Like a two part song (but the same words?) If you see what I mean.. one song, two styles?? Given the subject matter that might be appropriate? What do you think? Any thoughts Nick - about mixing etc? Meantime if you could send seps that would be good - thanks so much!

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njd3   commented 2mo+18dy ago

well there is definitely no bottom end in the mix here. maybe some DAWs open new tracks with a high pass filter. it would be an EQ plugin probably that has a downward curve to the left. it would look something like a waterfall and works to cut out all of the frequencies below a certain point. great for clearing up room in the bottom of a mix for bass guitars and kick drums (which would not have the high pass filter).


Parm   commented 2mo+18dy ago

Thanks Peter! :) ..interesting suggestion.. why not..I think in art everything is possible ;) I'll start with the lighter approach.. let's see how it goes :))


Parm   commented 2mo+18dy ago

the seps will change so I'll send them after that..