Elin's Dance New Acoustic

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Elin s Dance by DulcimerGirl TSTmix r1 20 11 19 Uploaded 4mo+26dy ago by TSTstudios

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TSTstudios   commented 4mo+26dy ago

Love this :) /Tom

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DulcimerGirl   commented 4mo+26dy ago

Thanks... I am liking the mix better. I need to re-record the dulcimer. I don't have a great room for that yet (just moved a couple of years ago). I've got a GREAT art studio but for recording it sounds very hollow. Working on trying to fix the acoustics. It is windows on 3 sides!! This is the room I practice in, moving all the stuff to a bedroom would be laborious. I want to keep this as "acoustic" as possible.

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TSTstudios   commented 4mo+26dy ago

Thanks. I will put more time into the mix when I have a bit more time. this was just a quick mix. I'm in the middle of a move too and don't find all my stuff yet haha